Are you a teleworker or telecommuter?

We know you're out there.
We see you all the time working in coffee shops, breweries, and tea houses.
We made this site for you.
What is Teleworkology?

Teleworkology is the only website dedicated specifically to all teleworkers and telecommuters. It is estimated that 3.3 million people work at home as their primary place of work, and that 25 million of you work from home at least 1 day a month. We can also safely say there are many more who would like to (some estimates say 79% of you). Let's face it, teleworking is awesome. No doubt about it.

However, there are few resources for teleworkers to:

  • Find a great place to land that's tailored to teleworking
  • Review and share your finds with other teleworkers
  • Learn about how to be a more effective teleworker

We noticed this as well, and that's why we created Teleworkology.

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Feel free to poke around, find a cool place to telework, learn something, or leave some reviews, and thanks for stopping by.